Youssef Jad

Youssef Jad

Mr. Jad has more than 20 years of experience in the compliance and technology realm, specializing in cyber defense for critical infrastructures including industrial, OT, xIoT.

Previously, he created the first CyberSOC and Center of Excellence for Quebec Healthcare, designing the most advanced cyber defense strategy for the MUHC (McGill University Health Center) the largest health center in NA, and a state-of-the-art cyber defense platform for AVANGRID.

Mr. Jad is recognized worldwide, working with the leaders in defense and ICS, and leasing different initiatives such as assisting in ICS Red Teaming for IDF-U8200, and leading the Task Force for “WannaCry v2” preparedness and defense, advising and collaborating with the DHS and the FBI. Adding to that, volunteer work in the cyber realm, speaker, and advisor to “Fortune 10” companies.

He has a Master’s degree from Oklahoma City University with different certifications and innovations.


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