2022 Power Grid
Digitalization Forum

Connecting organizations to solve tomorrow’s challenges 

Hotel Omni Mont-Royal ~ Montreal

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UTC Power Grid Digitization Forum is designed to bring together Utility CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, and other senior utility ICT executives for an in-depth two-day forum focused on optimized operations and managing overall organizational network cost. This forum will offer high-level discussions around our industry challenges allowing attendees to work together on strategic initiatives to gain successful solutions. This unique forum will offer a highly interactive, intimate format for C- Level utility executives seeking the latest Industry regulatory news, standards, and cutting-edge technology.


Ali Ahmadi
Ali Ahmadi
ICS Cyber Security consultant, SNC-Lavalin

Ali is an ICS Cyber Security consultant with SNC-Lavalin currently working as a lead consultant on a critical infrastructure project for the transportation industry. In 2022, he began working for SNC-Lavalin. His prior experience was gained while working as a cyber security consultant for the Iranian National Oil Company, a vital infrastructure in the energy sector. His eight years of combined experience in the IT industry, Cyber Security, Compliance, and IT strategy allowed him to gather valuable knowledge that will help industries with the convergence of IT/OT processes.

He has a BSc in Software Engineering and a Master of Applied Science in Quality Systems Engineering from Concordia University.

Dan Bayouth
Dan Bayouth
Networks Director, Burns & McDonnell

Dan Bayouth is the networks director in the Networks, Integration & Automation group in Transmission & Distribution services at Burns & McDonnell. He specializes in communications for critical infrastructure including long-term strategy planning, network automation, managed services, model-based design, digital twin, network installation, and systems integration. His teams develop and implement network architecture for MPLS, private LTE, IEC 61850, DWDM, carrier Ethernet, and SONET networks from conceptual design, installation, and operations.

Francis Bradley
Francis Bradley
President and Chief Executive Officer, Electricity Canada

Francis Bradley is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Electricity Canada. Electricity Canada is the National Voice of Electricity and serves its electricity industry members through the work of expert professionals led by Francis and directed by a Board of Directors made up of member CEOs. Francis is the co-chair of the National Cross-Sector Forum, overseeing Canada’s Action Plan for Critical Infrastructure. He also sits on the Steering Committee for the Electricity Sub-Sector Coordinating Council (ESCC), the Board for the Energy Council of Canada (ECC), the Positive Energy Advisory Council, and is a founding Board member of the Canadian Transportation Alliance. At the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC) Member Representatives Committee and Board of Trustees’ meetings, Francis represents Electricity Canada and advocates strongly for its members in their activities related to the Electric Reliability Organization Enterprise, and its role in ensuring the reliability and security of the North American bulk power system.

Prior to being named CEO in June 2019, Francis managed Electricity Canada’s day-to-day activities as Chief Operating Officer since 2014. During that time, he also acted as a member of the National Advisory Committee of Canada’s Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction and was a co-chair with the Standards Council of Canada of the Smart Grid Standards Advisory Committee.

In 2019 Francis created and continues to host “The Flux Capacitor” podcast, featuring discussions about the future of electricity with CEOs, regulators, political figures, and leaders from civil society.

Francis Bradley est le président-directeur général de l’Association canadienne de l’électricité (ACÉ). L’ACÉ est la voix nationale de l’électricité et sert ses entreprises d’électricité membres grâce au travail d’experts dirigés par M. Bradley et par un conseil d’administration composé de PDG d’entreprises membres. M. Bradley est coprésident du Forum national intersectoriel et supervise le Plan d’action canadien pour les infrastructures essentielles. Il siège également au Comité directeur de l’Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council et au Conseil canadien de l’énergie. Aux réunions du Comité des représentants des membres et du Conseil d’administration de la North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), M. Bradley représente l’ACÉ et défende ardemment les intérêts de ses membres en ce qui a trait aux activités liées à l’Electric Reliability Organization Entreprise, ainsi que son rôle visant à garantir la fiabilité et la sécurité du réseau nord-américain de production-transport d’électricité. Il a récemment été nommé au Conseil consultatif d’Énergie positive, lequel, sous l’égide de l’Université d’Ottawa, entreprend des recherches pour déterminer la façon dont les différents intérêts énergétiques peuvent obtenir un vaste soutien social en ce qui a trait aux politiques en matière d’énergie, à la réglementation et aux technologies et projets énergétiques individuels.

Avant d’être nommé PDG en juin 2019, M. Bradley dirigeait les activités quotidiennes de l’ACÉ en tant que chef de l’exploitation depuis 2014. Au cours de cette période, il a également été membre du Comité consultatif national de la Plate-forme du Canada pour la réduction des risques de catastrophe, et coprésident du Comité consultatif des normes applicables aux technologies de réseaux intelligents du Conseil canadien des normes.

Ron Brash
Ron Brash
VP of Technical Research & Integrations aDolus Technology Inc

Ron Brash is a household name with over a decade of experience when it comes to hands-on ICS/OT cybersecurity and embedded vulnerability research. He was instrumental in creating the datasets for the S4 ICS Detection Challenges, received the Top 40 under 40 award for Engineering Leaders 2020 from Plant Engineering, was an embedded developer at Tofino Security, and assessed and advised several large asset owners in a variety of industries for OT security strategy, certified ISA 62443 “expert”, and brought a number of products to market, including consumer neuroscience devices and several industrial networking appliances.

Luis Ignacio Callen
Luis Ignacio Callen
Senior Vice President of Sales in PowerTrunk

Luis Ignacio Callén, new Senior Vice President of Sales in PowerTrunk (www.powertrunk.com) for Canada, is a veteran Sales & Marketing Telecomms Specialist, with almost 30 years of experience in the Professional Mobile Radio industry. He was supporting the international expansion and consolidation of Teltronic in Pre-Sales Engineering and Marketing fields, with a successful Sales career in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and CIS countries.

John Chahwan
John Chahwan
Director, Power Grids, SNC-Lavalin

John Chahwan is a proven engineering leader with a passion for collaborative problem-solving. He successfully led several engineering teams and departments at SNC-Lavalin, where he continues to advise industry and utility decision-makers within the energy sector. His integrated involvement in complete EPC and EPCM projects, from feasibility to commissioning, allows him to foresee and mitigate project risks, and to diligently guide stakeholders. His areas of focus include the latest HVDC and FACTS technologies and the integration of renewable generation. He has also been involved in IEEE working groups within the FACTS & HVDC Stations Subcommittee since 2015 and is currently the Chair of Working Group I10 (HVDC). His leadership style prioritizes sustainable growth and engineering excellence, as part of a Client-centric culture.

Chantal Davis
Chantal Davis
Senior Director, Regulatory Policy, Spectrum Policy Branch Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Government of Canada

Chantal Davis is Senior Director of Regulatory Policy at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.  In her current role, she is responsible for developing plans and policies related to spectrum use and spectrum auctions. In her over 20-year career at ISED, Chantal has been responsible for domestic and international spectrum planning, engineering, and standards related to mobile communications including broadband commercial services, public safety, engineering practices for interference management, and land mobile radio. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa.

Rod Doornbosch
Rod Doornbosch
Enterprise Architect IT/OT, FortisAlberta

Rod Doornbosch is an Enterprise Architect IT/OT with FortisAlberta, a large distribution utility, where his primary area of expertise is Operational Field Technologies and Communications. Mr. Doornbosch has been in the utility industry for more than 14 years, and in IT & R&D for more than 25 years. He describes himself as a true Polymath and Intrapreneur that “plants & waters bamboo”. Before joining FortisAlberta he held numerous IT and Data Analytics roles in Transportation, Industrial, Government, and Manufacturing. Mr Doornbosch has been a vocal component, advocating for the regulatory, and policy changes required to allow for the build out of shared Critical Communications Infrastructure.

Rod works at all levels and in several domains at once. This multifaceted approach and role diversity gives him a unique perspective allowing him to be just as comfortable in the field as behind a desk, presenting or advocating. Always searching for the next “thing” he’s able to connect technology and people to real world solutions. When he’s not advocating you can find him fabricating, building furniture, or doing R&D. Don’t let his size scare you, when he’s done work, he likes to regale listeners with stories over drinks.

Adam Fox
Adam Fox
Solution Architect, optm

Adam Fox is a process-focused design and implementation expert with a heavy focus on monitoring and security. Prior to joining Optm, Adam was passionate about developing monitoring best practices, intake processes, and security guidelines. Adam also worked with development teams to ensure mature applications that expose required KPIs for successful operations throughout the enterprise. Leveraging this deep expertise, Adam currently collaborates closely with Optm enterprise customers, helping them to improve their observability while implementing and maintaining strict security standards.

Bob Gordon
Bob Gordon
Strategic Advisor, Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange (CCTX)

Bob is the Strategic Advisor of the Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange (CCTX), Canada’s private sector organization for the sharing and analysis of cyber threat information and enabling collaboration across all sectors.  Most recently, Bob was the Executive Director of the CCTX.  Prior to this, he was a Director, Global Cyber Security at CGI.  Bob also enjoyed a long and successful career in the Federal Government, which included being the architect of Canada’s first Cyber Security Strategy for which he received the Deputy Minister’s Achievement Award.

Bob has had a unique career in several of Canada’s security, intelligence, and law enforcement organizations:

  • Public Safety Canada where he engaged the Canadian private sector, other governments, and international organizations on cyber security,
  • Communications Security Establishment as the Associate Chief (Senior Assistant Deputy Minister),
  • Canadian Security Intelligence Service, where he provided operational leadership in investigating and analyzing the full range of threats to the security of Canada. This included leading the CSIS Counter Terrorism program as its Director General and subsequently as the Assistant Director (Assistant Deputy Minister) with responsibility for science and technology, information management/information technology and internal security programs (personnel, physical and information technology), and the
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Bob is a member of: the Board of Directors for Quantum Safe Canada, the Advisory Council on Ethics and Modernization of Microdata Access with Statistics Canada, the Advisory Board for the Master of Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence program with the University of Guelph, the Human-Centric Cybersecurity Partnership Scientific Executive Committee, and the Advisory Group for the Mastercard Emerging Leaders Cyber Initiative.

Melissa Harris
Melissa Harris
CEO & Chief Learning Officer, Telecom Training Corporation

Melissa Harris is the CEO and Chief Learning Officer of Telecom Training Corporation (TTC). She is a telecommunications industry senior executive, successful entrepreneur, global speaker, and learning and development expert.

Because of her passion for learning, she founded TTC in 1996 to focus on the ever-evolving workforce development needs of leaders and their teams. She has created a network of 800 industry-experienced trainers to support mission-critical global client needs. Previously, she held executive roles at BellSouth Cellular, AT&T, and Verizon including General Manager, National Training, and Regional Marketing Director.

For over 25 years she has developed customized workforce development solutions for companies including Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile plus rural broadband operators. She has also worked with Jackson Energy Authority, CARILEC (the Caribbean electric power association), and WEB Aruba (the water utility).

Melissa is often asked to provide workforce development training on topics such as:

– New Products and Services

– Progressive Technologies (IoT, AI, Smart Home/Cities, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, BPI)

– Emerging Networks (Fixed Wireless, Wireless 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Broadband 10G)

– Billing, BSS/OSS, and Other Systems

– Customer/Employee Experience and Net Promoter Scores

– Mergers, Acquisitions, Partnerships

– Sales, Customer Care, and Leadership Skills


She is a frequently requested global speaker and conference chairperson for industry associations such as NTCA, TTA, ITA, GSMA, CTIA, ITU, CTU, CCA, IEEE, etc. She’s worked in Kenya, Cairo, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, London, Vienna, Prague, and throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

Melissa is also on the Board of Directors for The WICT Network: Empowering Women in Media, Entertainment, & Technology and Chairperson for the Caribbean Telecom Association (CANTO). She has a BBA degree in Marketing and Accounting, an MBA degree in Marketing, and attended the prestigious 2022 Senior Executive Summit at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Melissa is passionate about sharing her love for life-long learning and lives with her family of rescue dogs in Nashville, Tennessee.  She is a history buff, art lover, and travel junkie with a goal to have at least one adventure every day.

Simon Hill
Simon Hill
Head of Legal and Compliance, Certes Networks

As Legal Counsel for Certes Networks, Simon assists with regulatory and compliance issues, contract drafting and negotiations, disputes, intellectual property, and general legal matters.  Simon has extensive international experience in the technology sector, and his combination of both legal and technical skills enables him to translate complex legal regulations and mandates into clear and definitive technical requirements for IT and Engineering teams.

Simon is a regular speaker on data protection and cyber security regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, NIST Frameworks, and PCI DSS. Simon resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Sorana Ionescu
Sorana Ionescu
Director of Smart Metering, Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)

Sorana is the Director of Smart Metering at the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

The IESO is a crown corporation that plans and operates Ontario’s power system and wholesale electricity market to secure the lowest-cost supply to meet the province’s energy needs. This involves forecasting electricity demand, planning for the province’s electricity needs, and balancing the supply and demand second by second.

As the province’s designated Smart Metering Entity, the IESO is also responsible for operating Ontario’s Meter Data Management and Repository, a complex and unique platform in North America that enables the process of electricity consumption data from over five million smart meters. The SME ensures rigorous and consistent billing practices for Ontario’s 57 local distribution companies, while also leveraging this rich data in support of grid forecasting and planning, policy development, rate design, and pricing models, regional planning, energy efficiency programs, and other key applications.

Sorana also leads the IESO’s Data Excellence program, which brings together effective data governance practices and a modern approach to technology and analytics, while fostering a data culture within the organization.

Darryl Kingston
Darryl Kingston
Senior Director of Standards and Technology, CIO Strategy Council

Darryl Kingston joined the CIO Strategy Council as Senior Director of Standards and Technology on July 4th, 2022. In this role, he leads a broad portfolio of projects creating the conditions for the development of responsible, trustworthy, and sustainable digital technology standards in Canada.

Prior to joining the CIO Strategy Council, Darryl was with the Health Standards Organization (HSO) as Director of Standards and Evidence Development. In his role, he had oversight of standards development, including strategic oversight, quality management, risk management, and production.  While at HSO the team led the development of a number of pivotal standards which will change the way care is received for patients and families, among these include palliative care, integrated health systems, long-term care services, and governance and leadership of health care and social service organizations.  A key achievement was the development of a cultural safety and humility standard for the province of British Columbia that was developed using an indigenous methodology (two-eye seeing) which was established by HSO in partnership with the First Nations Health Authority of British Columbia.

Prior to joining HSO Darryl was with the Standards Council of Canada where he held a number of different positions beginning in 1998. The last position held at SCC was Director of Global Standards where Darryl was responsible for the strategic oversight of the Canadian Standards Development Program, the International Standards Development Program, and the SCC Member Program.

Darryl has participated in ISO meetings as a Canadian delegate since 2004 and has spoken at various international workshops and conferences on promoting stakeholder participation in the standards development process.  Darryl is a graduate of the University of Ottawa and was the recipient of the 2010 Joe McMahon Memorial Dedicated Service Award for outstanding service and contribution to the Canadian standards system


Sol Lancashire
Sol Lancashire
Telecom Principal Engineer, BC Hydro

Sol Lancashire is a Principal Engineer with BC Hydro and Power Authority, in British Columbia Canada. Since 2000, Sol has served in various design, planning, and system architecture roles.  In his current role he supports the introduction of new telecom technologies and provides technical oversight and technical risk mitigation for complex projects.


Sol is a Professional Engineer and holds a Master of Applied Science degree from the University of British Columbia.

Marwan Madi
Marwan Madi
Director of Digital Transformation, New York Power Authority

Marwan is an emerging solutions expert. He brings over 20 years of experience across the government and private sectors, driving industry growth, innovation, and digital transformation, leveraging a strong understanding of infrastructure technology with business acumen.  Marwan oversaw over $125M in emerging technologies deployments and policy, managed large government and private sector contracts and oversaw performance for cross-functional teams of subject matter experts.

At the New York Power Authority, Marwan is the Director of Digital Transformation, overseeing the rebranding of innovation to help accelerate the identification, adoption, and deployment of digital solutions across the organization.

Michael Meason
Michael Meason
Sr. Manager, Information and Security, Western Farmers Electric Cooperative

Michael Meason, Senior Manager, Information and Security, began his career at WFEC in 2009 as a Sr. Network Engineer and has also served as the Manager of Technical Services. Michael has 9 years of experience in enterprise information technology (IT) and cyber security within the Financial Services Sector in addition to 13 years of experience in the Electric Utility Industry. His areas of influence include information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), telecommunications engineering, network engineering/operations, and cybersecurity. Michael is an alumnus of Leadership Oklahoma Class 32 and holds a MS in Telecommunications

Tony Regier
Tony Regier
Director of Sales - North Central, LogicMonitor

Tony Regier – is currently the Director of Sales with LogicMonitor focused on the North Central US and Canada. He is responsible for all sales and solution implementations for LogicMonitor Customers in this particular region. Mr. Regier has over 25 years of professional experience within the technology industry. Throughout his career, he has worked in a variety of industries with a focus on Energy and Utilities. He has consulted and architected IT strategies for private, middle market, and Fortune 500 companies across North America.

Sheryl Osiene Riggs
Sheryl Osiene Riggs
President and CEO Utilities Technology Council

In June 2020, Sheryl Ovie Riggs was named President and CEO of the Utilities Technology Council (UTC). UTC is a Washington, D.C.-based global trade association that represents electric, gas, and water utilities on their mission-critical information and communications technologies. Sheryl joined UTC in 2017 and rose through its senior management ranks, serving previously as interim president and CEO, senior vice president of finance and operations, and director of accounting and administration.

Sheryl’s professional journey spans more than 20 years and began with an interest in financial sciences that expanded into a passion for the broad spectrum of operations. Prior to joining UTC, Sheryl held roles of progressive responsibility in the areas of finance, accounting, human resources, compliance, and overall operations. She served in organizations in the banking/finance, education, and health and social services industries, as well as federal and state government entities and nonprofits. Among her previous positions is an auditor for the University of Texas System; senior accountant for a public accounting firm; controller for the Salvation Army and CFO for the largest mental health provider in Maryland.

Demonstrating not only acumen with numbers but more importantly, connecting with people, Sheryl prioritizes service to others. She is certified as a registered IRS tax professional and partners with colleagues to provide volunteer tax preparation services and financial literacy education. Sheryl developed her community commitment at Howard University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in International Business with a Minor in Accounting. In addition, she obtained two post-graduate degrees — a Master of Science in Accounting and a Master of Science in Human Resource Management.

The Brooklyn, New York native has cultural roots that spread to Alabama and Nigeria. She is married and enjoys spending time with three daughters and a precocious canine member of the family, Hershey.

Rodney (Rod) Wilson
Rodney (Rod) Wilson
Chief Technologist, External Research Networks, Ciena

Rod Wilson serves as Chief Technologist, External Research Networks, where he is responsible for Ciena’s leadership & global interactions with universities, government programs, and national research and education networks. As part of Ciena’s CTO Group, he orchestrates intersections between emerging technologies, advanced architectures, and Ciena research and development groups. Mr. Wilson leads technology incubation initiatives and helps drive promising innovations to life. He serves on the ENCQOR Board of Directors and leads Ciena’s 5G advanced technology team. Mr. Wilson received a Bachelor in Electronics Technology from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in Toronto Ontario. He is a graduate of the Executive Management school at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, and has received an honorary degree from Algonquin College in Ottawa Canada. He is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee medal for his service to Canada.

Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson
GTM Strategy and Operations, Dragos Platform

Sam Wilson is a member of the Platform team at Dragos, aligned with marketing and working closely with product management, sales, and partner integrations.  Sam got his start in the technology world developing and leading global teams at Honeywell in IT Operations. During his 20-year period there, his career shifted to the Enterprise Security side of things – assessing and testing cloud, web application, and supplier security controls. He later joined the industrial cybersecurity group within Honeywell Connected Enterprise, covering both platform marketing and product management. Now with Dragos for 2 years, Sam loves seeing how customers have been able to solve some of their toughest challenges in industrial cybersecurity with the Dragos Platform, improving their asset visibility, threat detection, and vulnerability management programs.

The Path to The Digitized Future of the 21st Century Utility

Customer demand, emerging renewable energy production, and energy storage are a few major developments driving electric utilities to evaluate the opportunities and challenges associated with these new energy sources, and how their existing infrastructure may need to transform. Such evaluations are causing decision-makers at utilities to consider automating and digitalizing their utility communications networks.

Utility information and communications technology (ICT) market indicators signify that electric utilities must come to terms with the necessity to build robust and intelligent networks supported by smarter infrastructures. The investment in digital assets is paramount, and C-level executives are continuing to realize that now is the time to allocate resources to transform their core utility business.

The UTC Cross-Border Power Grid Digitalization Forum will be the premier global venue to discuss these issues. This event will bring together the CEOS, CISOs, CIOs, and the full slate of utility C-suite officials and their teams for a two-day foray into these issues.


Wednesday, October 26th

7:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Registration & Breakfast

8:45 AM – 9:30 AM

Welcome Remarks & Keynote Address: Francis Bradley, President & CEO Electricity Canada

9:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Networking Break

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

The Transforming Grid – Digitalization Impact of the Utility ICT Industry

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Network Automation & Configuration for Utilities

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Networking Luncheon & Presentation: Digitalization

1:30 PM – 1:45 PM

Networking Break

1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

C-Level Strategy Workshop Part I 

2:45 PM – 3:00 PM

Networking Break

3:00 PM – 3:30 PM

C-Level Strategy Workshop Part II 

3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

5G Application Incubation Program

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Welcome/Networking Reception

Thursday, October 27th

7:00 AM

Registration & Breakfast

8:00 AM – 8:15 AM

Welcome Remarks

8:15 AM – 9:15 AM

Utility Role in Decarbonizing the Industry

9:15 AM – 9:30 AM

Networking Break

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Spectrum & Regulatory Framework to Support Utility Digitalization 

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Security and Digitalization: Securing Critical Infrastructure Networks 

11:30 AM – 12:45 PM

Networking Luncheon & Presentation – Innovation Enablement at the New York Power Authority

12:45 PM – 1:45 PM

Do I Need A Partner to Develop a Strong Cybersecurity Strategy in a Digital Utility? Digitalization Technology for ICT Utilities

1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

Security and Digitalization: What are the Key Security Factors

2:45 PM – 3:15 PM

Networking Break

3:15 PM – 4:15 PM

C-Level Strategy Workshop Part III

4:15 PM – 5:00 PM

Round Table Recap Journey

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Networking Reception – Atrium of Hotel Omni Mont-Royal


Advisory Board

Sylvain Clermont
Sylvain Clermont
Retired, Hydro-Québec

Sylvain has more than 25 years of experience in the electricity industry managing teams in reliability standards and compliance, in transmission services, in design of automation systems and in SCADA/EMS replacement.

At Hydro-Québec – TransEnergie, he currently leads the substations and power system digitalization projects, often qualified as convergence projects, as a senior manager.

Previously, he was responsible for reliability standards and compliance. His team filed standards and the registry for adoption by the Quebec regulator and managed the compliance program. In that position, he had a corporate role in governance of compliance.  He has testified often in regulatory and legal cases.

Sylvain chairs and participates in important working and policy groups in Canada and across North America related to network reliability, where his leadership is recognized. He is currently member of NERC’s Member Representatives Committee (MRC) and was chair in 2015. He was also chair of the Regulatory Development Task Group at the Canadian Electricity Association for more than 5 years and is still active in the task group.

He graduated from École Polytechnique de Montréal in Physics Engineering. He also completed a Master degree in power system control at École Polytechnique.


Pablo Humeres Flores
Pablo Humeres Flores
Head of Digital Supervision and Substation Automation Sector of Eletrobras

Electrical Engineer graduated from the Federal University of Santa Catarina – UFSC, where he also graduated in Master of Power Systems. MBA with specialization in Electric Energy Market, at the University of Vale do Itajai – UNIVALI.Engineer at EletrobrasEletrosul since 1987 in Florianópolis, Brazil acting in design, maintenance, operation and development of digitalsystems for automation, supervision and control of substations and tele control centers.Author of several papers in the area published in national and international seminars and magazines. Active participant in CIGRE working groups, events and publications.Actually head of management, maintenance and commissioning of supervision and control systems and automation infrastructure of HV transmission substations, power generation, Control Centers and Remote Access of Eletrosul.

Dominic Gauthier
Dominic Gauthier
Chef Transformation numérique du système énergétique | Hydro-Québec

During the past 15 years, he has worked at Hydro-Quebec, Dominic Gauthier held many positions in the area of protection, control, and automation, from project engineer to expert group manager. He has been active for many years on NPCC committees related to network event analysis. Prior to working for Hydro-Québec, he has been for more than 9 years a hardware and embedded software designer for several companies in the telecommunications and automotive industries. With his spectrum of expertise, Dominic was able to launch a digitalization effort for substations and remedial action schemes (CREA). This digitilization effort introduced a new technological platform based on standards and market practices. He has led teams that looked at the technology but also at changing the processes and managing changes. Dominic graduated from Laval University in electrical engineering in 1999.

Daniel Gent
Daniel Gent
Director of Risk, Reliability and Resiliency, Electricity Canada

Dan has spent over 15 years working in the telecom industry primarily as a business analyst for information technology initiatives. Working on more than 80 projects, both small and large, his focus remained mainly on data management. In March 2009, Dan joined the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) as a business analyst. Later becoming the director of the Analytics department working on the industry’s reliability programs for distribution and transmission system performance and equipment reliability for transmission and generation assets. He now oversees 12 industry committees including the industry’s Data Strategy Working Group and Technology Committee.

Graduating from the University of Ottawa, in Social Sciences and Business Administration, Dan later continued his education with a Master’s Certificate in Business Analysis from York University and completed a certificate in Asset Management from the University of Toronto.

Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson
Director, Utility Telecom & Automation

For 3 decades, Gary Johnson has helped utilities realize their goals for a smarter, more intuitive grid. Starting with Automated Metering Infrastructure, Gary expanded his involvement to include Distributed Intelligence on the Grid along with Telecommunication and Automation solutions.  He has led the business development of both large-scale utility fiber and wireless deployments, as well as layering IT and business networks onto the grid control architecture. Most recently, Gary has served as a liaison between utility and smart city initiatives, as in a recent 5G street-lighting project for a large, North American IOU.  His 36-year career stretches across utility, oil & gas, transportation and manufacturing industries, working domestically and abroad enabling transformation and automation with private and public telecom. Before Black & Veatch, Gary served as Vice President of Business Development for Bayly Communications and Marketing Manager for Ontario Hydro Technologies.

Mario Khayat
Mario Khayat
VP Digital Infrastructure- SNC-Lavalin

Mario KHAYAT is currently VP of Digital Infrastructure and in SNC-Lavalin’s Intelligent Networks & Cybersecurity group.  Mario has been involved in ICT technology development and deployment projects in Canada and Internationally for the last 25 years. During the last ten years, while working at SNC he was implicated in the architecture and delivery of several major CIP projects for governmental and private utilities including the deployment of novel physical security and cybersecurity solutions for IT and OT clients. Mr. Khayat holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Boston University and a Master of Engineering degree from McGill University from which he also holds a Master in Business Administration.

Bob Tafoya
Bob Tafoya
Juniper Networks, Director of Business Development – Utilities

Bob is responsible for Utilities within the Vertical Business Development Team.  He leads Juniper’s business engagement and solutions development for Investor-Owned and Municipal Utilities; and helps with other industrial verticals applications in the Enterprise. He comes to the strategy position with 25 years of Information Technology sales and professional services background.  In the last 13 year, he has worked exclusively in the utility market, matching Juniper’s portfolio to the WAN transport, data center, Automation, TDM-to-IP and NERC CIP compliant Cybersecurity requirements of utility’s IT and Operations Technologies (OT) departments.

Here’s why you should attend the UTC-Cross Border Power Grid 4.0 Digitalization Forum

  • The education program and content are designed to help global C-level executives understand the changing electric sector business dynamics for energy management and use of state-of-the-art technologies for new revenue development while also being relevant to ICT experts.
  • The evolving consumer energy consumption (existing and emerging renewables, electric vehicles, storage, etc.) trend serves as the catalyst compelling more and more energy organizations to implement new business models centered on the digital transformation to meet commercial and residential customer expectations.
  • We will investigate the investment strategies necessary to digitize and provide answers to the “why” it is essential to do so now.
  • Learn how the digitalization decision will impact your utility, especially IT (information technology), OT (operational technology), physical and cybersecurity.
  • Hear from senior utility executives, and leading digitalization thought leaders from both Canada and the U.S. who will breakdown the trends, opportunities, and challenges associated with the digital transformation.
  • Networking events are geared toward promoting interactive engagement and thought-provoking conversations.

Who Should Attend

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Digital Officer

Chief Data Officer

Chief Information Security Officer

Chief Innovation Officer

Head of Renewables

Chief Security Officer

Head of Smart Grid

Head of Asset & Strategy Management

Head of Asset Management

Head of Network Planning/Technology

Head of Operation Systems


Canada lifts all restrictions to travel in and out of the country – Click here for more information.