Darryl Kingston

Darryl Kingston

Darryl Kingston joined the CIO Strategy Council as Senior Director of Standards and Technology on July 4th, 2022. In this role, he leads a broad portfolio of projects creating the conditions for the development of responsible, trustworthy, and sustainable digital technology standards in Canada.

Prior to joining the CIO Strategy Council, Darryl was with the Health Standards Organization (HSO) as Director of Standards and Evidence Development. In his role, he had oversight of standards development, including strategic oversight, quality management, risk management, and production.  While at HSO the team led the development of a number of pivotal standards which will change the way care is received for patients and families, among these include palliative care, integrated health systems, long-term care services, and governance and leadership of health care and social service organizations.  A key achievement was the development of a cultural safety and humility standard for the province of British Columbia that was developed using an indigenous methodology (two-eye seeing) which was established by HSO in partnership with the First Nations Health Authority of British Columbia.

Prior to joining HSO Darryl was with the Standards Council of Canada where he held a number of different positions beginning in 1998. The last position held at SCC was Director of Global Standards where Darryl was responsible for the strategic oversight of the Canadian Standards Development Program, the International Standards Development Program, and the SCC Member Program.

Darryl has participated in ISO meetings as a Canadian delegate since 2004 and has spoken at various international workshops and conferences on promoting stakeholder participation in the standards development process.  Darryl is a graduate of the University of Ottawa and was the recipient of the 2010 Joe McMahon Memorial Dedicated Service Award for outstanding service and contribution to the Canadian standards system


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